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Boga Group's resolute efforts in bringing it's restaurant brands to greater exposure and ever-higher levels of quality have been rightfully rewarded with a number of accolades it received from award agencies and the media. Among it's greatest successes so far is the fact that Pepper Lunch was the first restaurant in Indonesia to receive the prestigious HACCP certification.


With more than 10 years of experience in the culinary business, Boga Catering was established to create memorable moments for life's special events. Our team of culinary specialists will help you plan fantastic menus for your events, with the finest quality and skills, tools and expertise.

From to-go sizzling hot plates and festive petit fours, to a vast range of appetizers for cocktail parties and custom-planned dinners, we are definitely ready to set your event into motion, starting from the enticement of the palate. With great diversity, too: our tantalizing menus range from the highlights of the western hemisphere to the delights of the jeweled far east.

Our services can accommodate events of any size, theme, or budget, and in any location within our region of operation. To inquire more about special events or large-volume orders, contact Boga Catering to get the greatest service and the best price you can have in the field. Consider your questions answered and your requirements exceeded as soon as you submit them to us.

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For contacts

T. (021) 7235408 ext.130 / (021) 91411918

F. (021) 7392189




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The basic tenet of any successful business venture is an exceptional sensitivity to understanding people’s needs, and fulfilling such needs. For Boga Group, that sensitivity has been distilled into memorable brands that bring an endless variety of pleasures to the satisfaction of its customers.

Today, Boga Group and its subsidiaries are engaged in the food and beverage industry, operating a total of 73 restaurants nationwide, with more than 3.300 highly trained individual smaking up its workforce.

Boga Group’s lucrative portfolio currently consists of 12 Bakerzin, 25 Pepper Lunch, 1 Ten Ten, 3 Paradise Dynasty, 3 Paradise Inn, 2 Master Wok and 1 Poney outlets encompassing the metropolitan areas of Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Yogyakarta, Medan, Makassar and Bali. The group also operates an exclusive catering service for Jakarta area.

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By the end of 2013, Boga Group expects to bring up the number of establishments and new brands in its portfolio to a total of 89 restaurants.

As it expands, Boga Group is committed to continuously maintaining the high standards of quality ingredients and impeccable service-two characteristics that distinguish a Boga establishment from the rest in the industry.


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Kusnadi Rahardja
President Director & CEO

Graduated with an MBA from Carnegie Mellon University, Kusnadi Rahardja has been deeply involved in the food services industry since 2002, after leaving his post as Vice Director at one of the country's leading pharmaceutical distributors. As the co-founder and CEO of Boga Group, Kusnadi helps steer the company's strategic directions and lead its workforce in achieving its goals, by constantly upholding the company's "IT WORKS" values.

David Soong

After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Marketing (with Honors) from the Albers School of Business, Seattle University, David Soong initiated his career as a financial advisor with American Express, during which he was responsible for managing his clients' investment portfolio. Upon returning to Indonesia, he co-founded Boga Group and currently serves as the Commissioner. David is also the founder and owner of Axioo, a photography company created out of his strong passion in the field.


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To be recognized as the best and most respected player in Indonesian food service industry






I - Integrity
T - Trust and respect on each others
W - Working together as a team
O - Openness
R - Reach for excellence in everything we do
K - Keep learning and focus in problem-solving
S - Satisfaction and pride in what we do



Whether you are a freshgraduate or a seasoned professional, as long as you have the spirit to work with like-minded people who highly value passion and satisfaction in providing quality service, you are encouraged to join us.

Boga Group offers attractive employment opportunities for aspiring individuals to develop themselves while making their mark in the services industry. We strive to continue push the envelope in the industry, ever progressing forward.

Don't be left out of this game-changing progress. Apply now.


Pepper Lunch

Pepper Lunch is an affordable DIY (Do-It-Yourself) fast food steak house with upwards of 200 outlets in Japan, where it originates, and other asian countries. True to its name, Pepper Lunch boasts a fresh, upbeat and dynamic culinary experience for everyone through the novel concept of presenting a sizzling steak on a special iron hot plate. Using only premium meat and special ingredients, Pepper Lunch invites its customers to enjoy the fun of cooking their own meal just the way they want it. In Singapore and Jakarta, Pepper Lunch can also be found in foodcourt format, serving more economical menus without sacrificing the Pepper Lunch goodness.


Plaza Senayan, Level 3 021 - 572 5551 Paris Van Java 022 - 8206 3535
Plaza Indonesia, Level LB 021 - 310 7621 Bandung Super Mal 022 - 9109 1919
Taman Anggrek, Level 4 021 - 560 9978    
Senayan City - Foodcourt 021 - 7278 1164 SURABAYA  
Emporium Pluit - Foodcourt 021 - 6667 6590 Plaza Tunjungan 3, Level 5 031 - 534 2762
Mal Kelapa Gading 3 - Foodcourt 021 - 4585 3612 Galaxy Mal - Foodcourt 031 - 591 5589
Puri Indah Mal - Foodcourt 021 - 582 2636 Ciputra World - Foodcourt 031 - 563 2828
Gandaria City, Level 2 021 - 2905 2934    
Mal Ciputra (Citraland), Level UG 021 - 5695 4858 Bali  
Pondok Indah Mal 1 -  Foodcourt 021 - 7590 3378 Beach Walk 0361 - 741 5088
Summarecon Mal Serpong 2, Level 2 021 - 2931 0408    
Kuningan City Mall - Foodcourt 021 - 3048 0595 Makassar  
Alam Sutra - Level LG 021 - 3044 9186 Mall Ratu Indah 0411 - 365 0007
Kota Kasablanka - Level LG 021 - 2948 8662    
Super Mall Karawaci - Level UG 021 - 5462 426 Medan  
Cilandak Town Square - Level 2 021 - 7592 0299 Cambridge Mall 061 - 452 1812
Lotte Shopping Avenue, Level 4 021 - 2988 9458    
fX, Level 1 021 - 2555 4265    
Grand Metropolitan Bekasi, Level 3 021 - 2957 9838    
Baywalk Mall, Level 2 021 - 2962 9538    




Bakerzin is a casual dining caféteria specializing in decadently delicious desserts. While it also serves a range of fabulous bakery recipes and succulent meals to indulge oneself in, Bakerzin aims to become the solid trendsetter for dessert menus in the national culinary scene. Committed to innovation and excellence, Bakerzin provides remarkable service in delivering customer satisfaction and an amazing value-for-money dining experience. Eating out at Bakerzin is a casual dining sensation that can’t be matched anywhere else.


Plaza Indonesia, Level 1                  021 - 2992 3719 Tunjungan Plaza IV, Level 2 031 - 547 3919
Plaza Senayan, Level 2 021 - 5790 0408 Ciputra World, Level 3 031 - 5120 0082
Pondok Indah Mal 2, Level 3 021 - 7592 0788 Galaxy Mall 031 - 591 5462
Cilandak Town Square 021 - 7592 0250  
Mal Kelapa Gading 3, Level 1 021 - 4585 3905 BANDUNG  
Central Park 021 - 2920 0195 Bandung Super Mal         022 - 9109 2828
Summarecon Mal Serpong 2 021 - 2931 0576    
    Teuku Daud  061 - 451 9021



Ten Ten

Ten Ten is best known for its temptingly tasty tempura menus that are served in a lighthearted cafe setting. Every dining experience at Ten Ten is always characterized by affordable prices, addictive meals, and endless fun.


Plaza Indonesia, Level Basement 021 - 2992 3730



Paradise Dynasty

Paradise Dynasty is a casual dining concept that serves an affordable yet exceptionally brilliant selections of northern and southern Chinese cuisine, a star list of 8 uniquely-flavored xiao long baos and the signature pork bone soup la mian. Inspired as much by the traditional richness of the cuisine as the culture of China, Paradise Dynasty pays homage to such exquisiteness by providing its diners with a truly valuable and memorable dining experience amidst a splendidly-designed setting that merges the majesty of the imperial dynasties of old with the unpretentious feel of contemporary China.


Plaza Senayan, Level 5 021 - 5790 0146 Ciputra World 031 - 5120 0155
Central Park, Level LG 021 - 2920 0318    



Paradise Inn

Paradise Inn is an authentic Chinese inn-style eatery that is a restaurant, a tea house, and a dessert cafeteria—all in one charming establishment. With a décor and ambience that evoke the aura of contemporary Orient, Paradise Inn serves the best herbal and floral teas as well as fruit tisanes from the region to accompany its classic and fusion Chinese fares. There’s also enough variety of warm and cold desserts to indulge your sweet tooth. Whether it’s for business, casual chitchats between friends, or smart light meals with family, Paradise Inn will arouse the nostalgic soul in you.


Plaza Indonesia, Level Basement 021 - 2992 3848
Puri Indah Mall, Level 1 021 - 5822 459
Mall Baywalk, Level 1 021 - 2962 9495



Master Wok

Master Wok come as a pioneer in Indonesia for the quick service Chinese food concept with a modern, hip, mainstream, and giving a popular ambience but in its unique way. Offering a high quality meals made with fresh and premium ingredients served fast and hot, Master Wok will win over the heart and stomach of hungry customer. By giving a fusion non-pork Chinese Cuisine and affordable price, Master Wok come to please the senses of customer.

Master Wok first outlet will be open in Jakarta on July 2013


Lotte Shopping Avenue, Level 4 021 - 2988 2449
Mall Kelapa Gading 3, Level 3 021 - 4585 8975
Senayan City, Level 5 021 - 7278 2250




Poney is a well known Malaysia brand specializing in wide range of comfortable and fashionable products for kids. It houses three well-known brands; PONEY, BABY PONEY and PONEY ENFANTS. These brands offer high quality apparel and accessories for newborns, toddlers and kids up to 12 years of age.

PONEY's range of fashionable and high quality children’s clothes are designed to complement the lifestyle needs of today's modern children. Comfort, convenience and the need for self-expression are foremost in the minds of our designers.


Grand Indonesia, West Mall 2nd floor 021 - 2358 0946
Mall Kelapa Gading 3, Level 2  
Lotte Shopping Avenue  
Plaza Indonesia, Level 3  



Canton Paradise

Relish the finest Cantonese fare, soak up the bustling atmosphere and pursue the love affair with the best of Hong Kong at Canton Paradise.Relish the finest Cantonese fare, soak up the bustling atmosphere and pursue the love affair with the best of Hong Kong at Canton Paradise.



Mall Kelapa Gading 3, Level G 021 - 4585 3918